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Editor Needed -

Hey guys! You may have noticed our sparse update rate, well it's NOT a result of some inherent laziness or lack of caring or desire to do the show. We love Doing Smackcast, but Editing the episodes takes a chunk of time, especially since Tooch handles all the workload on his end. Doodling a title card doesn't me long, but with my lack of knowledge and video editing tools I can't really help. I'm a working stiff with a lot of ongoing projects I need to focus on, and Tooch is a full time student with his own laundry list of projects.

All that said, here's what we need and why. A third party to do the editing. It's not a hard job, you'd just need to hammer out any awkward pauses or flubs. You should have at least a rudimentary knowledge of video editing and having access to something more complex than Windows Movie Maker. You'll need to have good ear for what to cut, even though I like to think that Tooch and I have great chemistry and never mess up, we're not perfect and there will be small moments that need clean up. After all the fat is trimmed a soft music bed of preferable instrumental tracks overlayed in our conversation. If feel like searching for tracks is too much work, Tooch and I can do the leg-work and come up with the tracks, but feel free to include your own. use your instincts. These are submitted as video to Blip.TV with the week's title card imposed in the BG. Also don't worry too much about the webcomic theatre sugments, as Tooch will continue to put those together himself. We have no intention of hanging you out to dry and just sticking you with work, this podcast is all about collaboration and the spirit of community. It's born of a love not just for webcomics but the people who make with little or no promise of fame, recognition, or financial reward but so because they have a story to share as well as love for the audience that would witness that story unfold. Feedback makes this podcast, and as editor you'll be a major part of process and thus forth your creative input will matter, you'll be playing a kind of producer role.

As and editor you won't just be helping us out personally, but you'll be making this an all around better podcast, for the audience and the SJ community. New episodes will be recorded and put out with more regularity, allowing for greater variety of guests and topics. plus, more regular episodes means an opportunity for revenue from Blip.Tv, though the ad payments are small and we only get paid when we make more $25 in ad revenue, that's still a chance for financial reward down the roas.

Being our editor we'll also do our best to give you exposure, giving you Editor credit, promoting any comic projects you're involved in, and we'll interview on show with your own Q&A.

So please, hit us up with your credentials and join our team to make this the best show we possibly can!


I'm no editor but I'm glad you're still keeping this alive B-)

Posted @ September 13th, 2012, 11:04 am

It has been forevz since a new one came out! ;A; I hope it's coming along okay...I really loved these and was looking forward to more. I understand you guys have a lot of others things to do and I don't wanna be that pushy person who badgers you for more. !_! Just want you to know I love 'em and will keep waiting, and I hope everything is going okay. <3

Stay awesome guys! Hope to see the next one soon~

Posted @ October 10th, 2012, 11:05 am