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Smackcast 3 -

Hey gang, we're gearing up for Smackcast number 3, and it's gonna be a doozy! This time around our guest will be the amazing H0lyhandgrenade, author of the incredibly popular and insanely well crafted webcomic Mokepon! If you have any questions for H0ly or even your intrepid hosts be sure to send them in to , and sooner rather than later as we'll be recording this coming Wednesday, so if you have a question for H0ly and want to hear it read during the podcast than start sending those e-mails and be sure to read Mokepon, which updates every week on Friday!


& oudric !I persimod myself and others here that I wouldn't resort to insulting anyone in this forum. As such, I WON'T reward you or your comments by responding to them in the same manner you guys have responded to mine. However, i will tell you guys this- If you DON'T like my comments, then DON'T READ THEM ! There are others who appreciate my comments EVEN IF YOU DON'T !Don't you guys find it strange that despite the nature of my comments that piss you guys off', out of seven comments, only two have complained? What do you guys know that the other 3or 4 don't?I'm entitled to my opinion and expressing them here as I please, just like the next person or Bleach fan, so long as I keep in line with the rules of posting comments here which, as at the last time I checked, WERE NOT SET BY EITHER OR BOTH OF YOU GUYS! Another thing oudric', the reason why I put certain words in CAPS, is not because I have difficulty understanding how to use the CAPS LOCK Key or anything like that, but because I place EMPHASIS on such words. Anyone who understands (written) English WON'T have difficulty understanding that! And going by the way, you BADLY spelt/ spelled certain words, I can see why you couldn't understand that yourself even when it was so GLARING/OBVIOUS.So, please learn how to SPELL RIGHT!Lastly, you guys ARE NOT the moderators of this forum ! If admin DOESN'T complain, who THE HELL are you guys to complain? So, stop trying to tell people, least of all, me, how to post comments here !PEACE OUT AND TAKE CARE TILL THE NEXT EP. AND BEYOND !THANKS BEST REGARDS!

Posted @ July 21st, 2013, 10:32 pm